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XWelcome to Games with the Smoke! We are an 18+ Mature AU Disney and Fairy Tale personification site set in New Orleans. We have no word count and no character limit beyond whatever you choose to put on yourself! We encourage character driven plots in whatever direction you would like to take them. We do not allow characters or faces to be under the age of eighteen due to the content of the site. Please hop into the c-box and say hello!
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Hello my loves!!

You all know me as Bunny, or BunBun. I am the head admin of this lovely site. I have loved Disney for as long as I can remember. Everything about Disney brings me joy, I also enjoy fairy tales so I wanted to bring the best of both into this site. I have been site RPing for over 15 years. Lord I feel old now xD. I adore everyone on this site and all that everyone does. All of the creativity that is here is amazing.

I usually am lurking on the site on my lappytop or my phone. My timezone is CST. So mid morning to evenings will be the best time to get a hold of me. My staff is all amazing, I adore every single one of them. As well as all the members and characters that are made here.

If you ever need to get a hold of me PM/Skype/Aim all of those work!!

I adore and love you all!!


Head Admin

Ello all you lovely people!

I am Sephiroth, or Seph for short. I am the co-admin of the site and the mix of knowledge between Disney and Fairytales. As you may or may not know, I have an addiction to characters and plots and am honestly open for pretty much anything plottage wise! So do not hesitate or feel awkward in asking me about anything and everything!

I am usually hanging around the site and cbox either on my computer or on my phone so chances are anyone can catch me at just about any time of day. I am in the CST time zone, but don't let the time of day discourage trying to contact me. The best way to get a hold of me is through PM, Skype, or AIM. Feel free to ask me for my screen names and I will talk whenever I am able, I promise I don't bite much. Unless that is something you are cool with ;)

A little bit about myself, hmmm. Well, I have been RP'ing for around 4 to 5 years on sites and before that I have done other nerdy things like video gaming and table top RPG games. Yes, I am uber nerd and I am not afraid to admit that. -waves flag-

I look forward to meeting everyone I have not met yet and to continue making and building upon all the wonderful characters and plots that make Games with the Smoke amazing!



My name is Eisande! I know the name is a bit unusual, and that's because I stole if from a book series that I absolutely love! I've always been a reader though! I guess that is part of why I have such a great love for fairy tales of all origins!

I absolutely love coding and messing around with graphics as you might have noticed around the site. If you ever have any questions about any of the coding, feel free to ask me and I have a shop where you can request graphics at any time!

I'm usually always around though sometimes I can get distracted, so I apologize for that in advance! If you ever need me, however, you can feel free to shoot me a PM or poke me on AIM or Skype. Just ask if you'd like my usernames and I'd be glad to give them to you!


Tech Admin

Helloooo my name is Millie! Your friendly [s]neighbourhood[/s] English admin. I'm a huge dingus who is obsessed with anything Disney, gaming, music or Marvel. I'm always up for threads, plots, making characters; whatever you like, nothing is really off-limits however weird it may be. I'm also almost always generally about lurking in the cbox or on Skype and you should all feel free to give me a shout whenever you want me for whatever reason. (Although bear in mind I'm in England so GMT times apply). If I'm rude and don't reply right away please don't worry, I'm just absent minded and am probably gaming on steam or just thought 'oh I'll reply to that in a second' and then scatterbrained. Also I love you all and have a tendency to use mushy nicknames. Not sorry, schnookums. <3


English Admin

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Aaliyah Stackhouse Royals 20-June 17 20
Abigail Trinton Royals 21-July 16 35
Acacia Duckworth Royals 1-October 16 32
Adora Cooke Royals 6-July 17 22
Alistair Payne Royals 24-December 16 4
Amaryllis Nejem Royals 14-July 16 18
Angela Trinton Royals 26-August 16 9
Annabelle Bates Royals 23-March 17 6
Annabeth Lachance Royals 19-August 17 1
Annika Kerrigan Royals 17-February 17 13
Aroha Ngata Royals 19-March 17 5
Arthur McGuire Royals 13-January 17 9
Babette Sheehy Royals 29-January 17 5
Benjamin Ali Royals 20-May 17 10
Brooklyn McNair Royals 12-December 16 7
Christian Bellini Royals 27-February 17 5
Cillian Boen Royals 28-December 16 12
Claude Belmont Royals 7-September 17 3
Daisy Blumenthal Royals 25-September 17 4
Damian Grayson Royals 21-August 16 7
Damon McNair Royals 11-December 16 9
Deo Afolayan Royals 31-January 17 2
Diego Alvarez Royals 9-January 17 8
Donnie Whiterun Royals 18-October 16 20
Douglas Conway Royals 24-April 17 8
Dr. Olivier Thrussell Royals 14-July 16 17
Drake Kingston Royals 7-August 16 11
Eirwen White Royals 12-July 16 50
Emelia Neilson Royals 16-December 16 9
Emma Stone Royals 4-July 16 40
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